# NBTS Library Journal Title
(The following journal titles are available in the J.C. Pool library, Ogbomoso, Oyo state, Nigeria:)
1 Abibisemi: Journal of African Culture and Civilization
2 Ado Journal of religions
3 Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology
4 Africa Theological Journal
5 African Journal for the Psychological study of social issue
6 African Journal of Biblical Studies
7 African Journal of Historical sciences in Education
8 Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity
9 AICMAR Bulletin: An Evangelical Christian Journal of Contemporary Mission and Research in Africa
10 American Baptist philosophy
11 American Baptist Quarterly
12 American Journal of Theology and philosophy
13 Andrews University Seminary Studies
14 Anglican Theology Review
15 The Asbury Theological Journal
16 Asbury Herald
17 Asia-Africa Journal of Mission & Ministry
18 Asia Journal of Theology
19 Asian Missions Advance: Official Bulletin of The Asian Missions Association
20 ATE: Journal of African Religion & Culture
21 Babcock: Journal of History and International Studies
22 Baptist Educator News
23 Baptist Heritage Update
24 Baptist History & Heritage
25 Baptist Journal of Theology (The Journal of the Baptist College of Theology Oyo
26 Baptist Theological Seminary, Kaduna, insight (The Faculty Journal of the Baptist Theological Seminary, Kaduna
27 Baptist Today
28 Baptist Word Alliance
29 Biblical Archaeology Review
30 Bibliotheca Sacra
31 Black Theology in Britain: A journal of Contextual Praxis
32 Brethren in Christ History and Life
33 British Journal of Religion Education
34 The Bulletin: The Council of Societies for Study of Religion.
35 Calvin Theological Journal
36 Catholic Biblical Quarterly
37 Chinese Theological Review
38 Christian Century
39 Christian Chronicles
40 Christian Educational Journal
41 Christian Ethics Today: A Journal of Christian Ethics
42 Christian History & Biography
43 Christian Studies
44 Christian Scholar’s Review
45 Christianity Today
46 Church Administration (Discontinue With The Last Issue)
47 Church and society in Asia
48 Church growth
49 Church History
50 Commission
51 Concordia Theological Journal
52 Connections: The Journal of the WEA Missions Commission
53 Cultural Encounters
54 Currents in Theology & Mission
55 Current Viewpoint
56 Decision
57 Detroit Baptist Seminary Journals
58 Dialogue & Alliance: A Journal of the Universal Peace Federation
59 Direction
60 Divinity (Duke)
61 Early Christianity
62 Ecumenical Review
63 ECWA Theological Seminary Igbaja
64 Eku Journal of Theology
65 Encounter
66 Engage
67 Ethics & Medicine
68 European Journal of Theology
69 Evangel : The British Evangelical Review
70 Evangelical Journal
71 Evangelical Mission Quarterly
72 Evangelical Quarterly
73 Evangelical Review of Theology
74 Exchange: Journal of Missiological and Ecumenical Research
75 Expository Times
76 Facts & Trends
77 Faith and Freedom
78 Faith and Mission
79 Faith and Philosophy
80 Ghana Bulletin of Theology
81 Gombe Technical Education Journal
82 Harvard Divinity Bulletin
83 Home Life
84 Humanities Review Journal
85 The Hymn
86 Ibadan Journal of Human Studies
87 Igbaja Journal of Theology
88 Ilorin Journal of Teacher Education
89 Ilorin Journal of Arts and Social Sciences (IJASS)
90 Indian Journal of Missionary
91 Indian Journal of Missionary
92 International Bulleting of Missionary Research
93 Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology
94 Jos Bulletin of Religion
95 Journal for the Science Study of Religion
96 Journal for the Study of Paul and his letters
97 Journal of African Biblical Studies
98 Journal of African Christian Thought
99 Journal of Arabic & Religious Studies
100 Journal of Arabic And Islamic Studies
101 Journal of Biblical Counseling (http://www.ccef.org/jbc)
102 Journal of Christian Education
103 Journal of Creation and Environmental Care (JCEC)
104 Journal of Contemporary Religious Discourse – Religion & Theology
105 Journal of Ecumenical Studies
106 Journal of Education and Practice
107 Journal of Islamic Studies
108 Journal of Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin
109 Journal of Nigeria Music Education
110 Journal of Maranatha University College
111 Journal of Pastoral Care
112 Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling
113 Journal of Psychology & Theology
114 Journal of Reformed Thought: Perspective
115 Journal of Religion
116 Journal of Religion History
117 Journal of Religion in Africa
118 Journal of Religious Ethics
119 Journal of Religious History
120 Journal of the Association of Nigerian Musicologists
121 Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
122 Journal of the European Pentecostal &Theological Association
123 Journal of the Interdenominational Theological Centre
124 Journal of the International Federation of Librarian
125 Journal of the National Association for the study of Religious Education
126 Journal of the Ogbomoso Circle (BETFA)
127 Journal of Theological Interpretation
128 Leadership Journal
129 Magic, Ritual and Witchcraft
130 Ministerial Formation
131 Missiology: An International Review
132 Mission Studies: Journal of the International Association for Mission Studies
133 Mission Frontiers
134 National Journal of Contemporary Issues in Religion Ilorin, Nigeria
135 The Near East School of Theology: Theological Review
136 Neotestamentical: Journal of the New Testament Society of South Africa
137 New Routes
138 Niger Delta Journal of Religious Studies
139 Nigeria and the classics
140 Nigerian Baptist Magazine
141 Nigerian Journal of Social Studies
142 Nigerian Music Review
143 Nsukka Journal of Musical Art Research
144 Obitun: Journal of the Humanities
145 Oro Journal of Educational and Technological studies (OJETS)
146 Ogbomoso Journal of Theology
147 Orientation
148 Orisun Journal of Religion and Human Values
149 Oye: Ogun Journal of Arts
150 Orita, Ibadan Journal of Religious Studies
151 Perspectives in Religious Studies
152 Practical Theological
153 The Preacher Baptist College of Theology Lagos
154 Presbyterian
155 Princeton Seminary Bulletin
156 Process Studies
157 Religion in East Europe
158 Religions: A Journal of the Nigerian Association for the Study of Religions
159 Religious Educator: Journal of the National Association for the study of Religions and Education Ilorin
160 Religious Studies Review
161 Renewing Church and University
162 Review and Expositor
163 Science and Christian Belief
164 Scripture Union Plumbing
165 Seminary Ridge Review
166 Seminary Spotlight NBTS
167 Shalom Magazine
168 Sojourner
169 Southern Baptist Educator
170 The South African Baptist Journal of Theology
171 The Southern Baptist Journal of Missions And Evangelism
172 Southern Baptist Journal of Theology
173 Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
174 Southwest Journal of Theology
175 Southwestern Journal of Theology
176 Southwestern News (SWBTS)
177 Studies in Interreligious Dialogue
178 Theological Book Review
179 Theological College of Northern Nigeria
180 Theologue: The Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary
181 Theology Today
182 The Tie (SBTS)
183 Transformation
184 Trinity Journal of Church and Theology
185 Today’s Christian Woman
186 Union News
187 United Missionary Church of Africa Theological College
188 Union Now/the Magazine of United Missionary Church of Azine of Union Theological Seminary
189 The Unitarian Universalist Christian
190 West Africa Journal of Higher Education
191 West Africa Journal of Music Art Education (WAJMAE)