A new seal was adopted in 1970 for the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary. At the centre is a traditional Christian symbol called a triquetra, one of the most beautiful and satisfying symbols of the Holy Trinity. Eternal existence is expressed in the continuous lines, and they are interwoven to express unity. The centre forms an equilateral triangle which is itself a symbol of the Trinity. Each pair of arcs combines to form a “vesica”, indicative of glory. In this simple form is expressed equality, eternity, unity and glory. In the sections of the triquetra are the initials of the Seminary, identifying the school with the belief in the Triune God – a basic element of the faith and teaching of the entire Christian Church which the Seminary serves.

This symbolism is set against a background of the map of Nigeria, placed within the outer circles of the seal representing the whole world as the goal of evangelism. Although the primary focus of the Seminary is to train persons for ministries in Nigeria, students from other African countries and from North America previously have studied here. The challenge of the Seminary to each of its students – past, present and future – is expressed in its motto to “make full proof of thy ministry” to the glory of God.