Professional Doctoral Studies

Doctor Of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry is the terminal ministry-oriented professional degree open to those who demonstrate the highest level of competence, dedication, and potential for excellence in Christian ministry.

Degree Highlights


7 areas of specialisation available


Emphasis on active involvement in ministry


Student participates in inter-disciplinary seminars with other experienced and practicing ministers;

The Doctor of Ministry programme at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary aims to equip students for a high level of excellence in the practice of ministry (as pastors, Christian educators, church musicians, missionaries, denominational workers, chaplains or other ministry vocations). It is also designed to expose students to factors that encourage and stimulate personal growth through spiritual formation and interaction with other students, lecturers, and supervisors.

Because it is a doctoral degree programme, students will be challenged to develop habits of critical thinking, especially in the process of decision making and other administrative tasks. At the end of the course of study, students can be confident that they have developed a higher degree of competence in their area of study and have been prepared to be mission-minded with a global perspective and strong desire for evangelism and missions locally, nationally and internationally;

D.min Graduand

NBTS Core values which makes our graduates stand out…


John 4:24


Jer. 3:15


2 Tim. 4:5

Areas Of Specialization

Students in Dmin can choose from one of the following areas of specialisation for their program

Music and Worship

Leadership and Ministry

Youth Ministry

Pastoral Care Ministry

Biblical Counselling and Chaplaincy

Church Growth and Revitalization

Biblical Preaching

Entrance Requirements

1. A Master of Arts (Biblical Studies, Church Music, Youth Ministry, Theological Studies, and Religious Education), a Master of Theology, Master of Philosophy or their equivalents from a recognized theological institution,

2. A minimum grade point average of “B” in both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees,

3. A full year of study of each of the biblical languages (minimum of six semester hours of each),

4. An applicant must have a minimum of three years of full-time ministerial experience (e.g., pastor, missionary, theological educator, minister of education, denominational worker, etc),

5. An applicant must have a full-time ministry position and must continue in it throughout the entire period of his or her doctoral studies.

6. A Master of Divinity from the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary or from a recognized theological institution;

7. A minimum grade point average of 60 in the M.Div. degree;

Prospective students seeking to apply should complete the online admissions application here

Program Structure and Schedule

Each student is to attend a minimum of six contact sessions which will be held in January and June-July. In the first contact session, students will attend an orientation seminar for the first week of class and then two seminars during the second and third weeks of class. Subsequently, students will attend two weeks of seminars until the last contact session. At the last contact session, students will attend the project seminar for the first week of class and their last two seminars during the second and third weeks.

First Contact Session (three weeks) Orientation Seminar (first week) 2
Seminar 1 2
Seminar 2 2
Second Contact Session (three weeks) Seminar 3 2
Seminar 4 2
Seminar 5 2
Third Contact Session (three weeks) Seminar 6 2
Seminar 7 2
Seminar 8 2
Fourth Contact Session (three weeks) Seminar 9 2
Seminar 10 2
Seminar 11 2
Educational Tour 1
Project Dissertation     8
Fifth Contact Session (two weeks) Project Seminar 12 2
Seminar 13 2
Seminar 14 2
Sixth Contact Session (three weeks) Seminar 15 2
Seminar 16 2
Seminar 17 2


Seminar Listing


Orientation Seminar DMN 900 1
Project Seminar DMN 901 2
Pastoral Ministry and Leadership DMN 902 2
Spiritual Formation of the Minister DMN 903 2
Biblical Exegesis for Preaching DMN 904 2
Expository Preaching DMN 905 2
The Nature and Ministry of the Church DMN 906 2
Missiology for Pastors DMN 907 2
Guided Reading Seminar DMN 908 2
Church and Society DMN 909 2
Baptist Identity DMN 910 2
Pastoral Care: The Church and Its Members DMN 911 2
Research Methodology DMN 912 2
Christian Social Ethics & Social Issues DMN 913 2
Worship Leadership and Church Administration DMN 914 2
Contemporary Issues in Theology DMN 915 2
Principles of Teaching DMN 916 2
Theology of Worship & Prayer DMN 918 2
Advanced Church Music in Worship and Evangelism DMN 919 2
Organization and Leadership of Church Music Ministry DMN 920 2
Understanding Youth Culture DMN 921 2
Youth and Family Ministry DMN 922 2
Youth, Spirituality and Discipleship DMN 923 2
Church Revitalization DMN 924 2
Conflict and Peace Building DMN 925 2
Doctor of Ministry Project Dissertation DMN 950 8
Fundamental of Grammar and Style I GES 913 2
Fundamental of Grammar and Style II GES 914 2


For further enquiries

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