You can now apply for your transcript(s) and have it sent electronically using the school webmail upon the payment of an administrative charge of N6,000 per programme of study into the NBTS account, 0049369927 (GTB) and sending the evidence of payment and the following details to nbtsexamsandrecordsoffice@gmail.com:

-Name as appeared on your certificate

-Matriculation Number

-Date of Birth

-Programme of Study

-Course of Study

-Year of Entry

-Year of Graduation

-Full Address of the Organization/Institution (Recipient of the Transcript)

Kindly note that you can request more than one transcript at a time, but you will be charged per programme of study and request. Official transcripts are only sent to organizations and institutions at the student’s request using the Seminary’s webmail. However, any student who opts for a courier service for sending his/her transcript will be responsible for the charge. Also, you can request transcripts many times, but any transcript addressed to one organization or institution cannot be used officially elsewhere.

Do note also that students can request a personal copy by paying a token of N3,000 per programme of study, but it shall be boldly marked “Student copy, not for official use”.



For further enquiries

Contact the Exam and Records office Mondays – Fridays 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (UTC+01:00) on +234 803 098 9695 or email nbtsexamsandrecordsoffice@gmail.com.

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