The library houses over 34,163 volumes of textbooks and 191 journal titles; of which approximately seventy percent go to Religion and Theology. It also stocked 5,000 e-books of various theological disciplines in the Seminary. A 165 – drawer card catalog unit provides access to the collection classified by Library of Congress Classification Scheme. Forty-seven filling cabinet drawers contain the restricted access to vertically files consisting of Nigerian Baptist historical materials as well as items too thin or too fragile for the open stacks. Over 10,000 textbooks are stored and distributed by the library to other smaller sister theology libraries. The library has a museum containing Nigerian art and artifacts.
Library books are shelved in open stacks to which readers have free access. Books circulate for a two –week or four –week period with the exception of reference materials, which may not leave the library. Periodicals also do not circulate. To encourage maximum use of library facilities as well as to explain policies and procedures, library orientation is offered each year to matriculating students.
The Library has also been automated for easy retrieval of books. It also boasts of links with other academic/theological libraries through Ebscohost and JSTOR , giving ample opportunities for a wider area of research materials. This is facilitated through the e-library section. A part of the library installed with internet ready computer with KOHA library management programme is designated for this. The library is presently headed by a seasoned professional librarian in the person of Pastor Japheth A. Yaya (MNLA; Cln; DLS; BSc; MLIS & PhD, in view).

I General Information

1. The library is for the use of the students and faculty of the seminary, pastors, and workers of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, and other members of our Seminary family. Permission to use the library may be secured from the librarian by other individuals available here.

2. Uses of the library are expected to find needed materials through the use of the card catalog and through personal search. Library staff can assist from time to time but not mandated to do it.

3. A seminary I.D card (or its equivalent) or library tickets must be presented in order to check out materials.

II Hours

Unless otherwise announced, the hours will be as follows: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 8.30a.m – 9.55p.m Tuesday & Friday: 8.30a.m – 5.00p.m &7.00p.m – 9.55p.m Saturday: 9.00a.m – 9.55p.m Each library user is expected to leave the library at least five minutes before the closing time so that the staff members can leave the library on time. Hours during holiday and school breaks will be posted at the library entrance.

III. Regulations

1. Library users should bring into the library only those materials needed for the study. As much as possible, the use of briefcases, large bags, etc., should be avoided. Shelves are provided in the library for keeping bags.

2. Library users are not to replace any materials on the shelves. When one finishes using books the library shelves, one should place it in the center silver shelf in the middle of the stack from which one removed it.

3. No user of the library is assigned table or portion of a table for his/her private use. Personal property, including textbooks, must not be left on, the tables indefinitely, except whenever the user leaves the library briefly for class, church assignments the hostel, the dining hall, etc.

4. Behavior which disturbs other users of the library will not be tolerated. Offenders will be reported to the appropriate authority for disciplinary action. A quiet atmosphere must always be maintained in and around the library.

5. Food and food items are out of bounds in the library as they invite insects and rodents.

6. All post-graduate students are restricted to a limited number of 15books properly checked out to their carrels, at any given time. Books so checked out are re-callable if needed by other library users. Upon no account should any book(s) assigned to carrels be taken home.

7. All reference books (ones marked R or Ref.) are to be used only in the library.

8. Periodicals and vertical file materials are to be used only in the library.

9. The majority of the library books may be signed out according to the designated procedure. A fine of 10 naira per day will be charged on each book not returned on the date due.

10. If someone else has signed out a needed book, please request that the book be held for you when it is returned.

11. A book may be renewed once if someone else has not requested it.

12. Library users must not mark, tear, or deface in any way any library materials or property.

13. Each time a user leaves the library, he /she must submit his/her books, papers and other materials for inspection by the library worker on duty.

14. Students are to return all library materials, including textbooks before the end of each semester. Textbooks are due in the examination room for each course.

15. Reserved books are kept behind the main desk. Only library workers may enter this area. Reserved books must be returned to the main desk whenever they are not being used. Reserved book may not be taken from the library until 9:50pm each night. They must be returned immediately after the next library opening time. N10 (ten naira) per hour is charged for each overdue reserve book. Check out reserved books and others, thirty minutes before closing time.

16. A student who wishes to check out any book during school breaks must first secure permission in writing from the teacher who teaches the course in which the books would most likely be used. He must then secure permission from the librarian. A maximum of five books can be checked out during a holiday.

17. At night no library book may be checked out after 5:00pm

18. Students are not allowed to take their visitors/children into the library either to sit with them for discussion or for any entertainment.

19. Students are not allowed to borrow books for their friends. Books loaned out to friends are easily forgotten and sometimes get lost without remembering to whom the book was given.

20. A post-graduate student, who wishes to check out any book previously held on his /her carrel, should return such a book to the library desk, to be properly checked out for him/her.

21. Books duly checked for use in carrels cannot be treated as an exclusive possession of the borrower. They should therefore be returned and properly checked out for him/her.

22. Regulations concerning the use of the library during vacations should strictly be adhered to by all categories of students.

23. Route “IN” and “OUT” of the library should be observed strictly.

24. On no account should any student (except student workers) be found behind the library counter or in any restricted area of the library.