Faculty of Church Music

Master Of Divinity In Church Music

The Master of Divinity in Church Music combines a comprehensive theological study with professional skill development in music and Christian worship.

Available MDiv Tracks


Master of Divinity (Performance – Voice, Piano, Conducting)


Master of Divinity (Composition, Musicology and Worship)

Degree Requirements

General Worship Courses


Education Courses


Theology/Ministry Courses


Faculty of Church Music Courses



Specialized Focus/Thesis

1. M.Div.CM. Performance

2. M.Div. CM. Composition

3. M.Div.CM Musicology  

4. M.Div.CM Christian Worship

Electives / Minimester Courses


Total Hours                                                                                                                                                                                                                      100

Note: 106 Credit hours is required for Graduation

08 Credit hours is required for Electives/Minimesters