History was made again in NBTS as the practicalisation of sheathing of swords in the long time cold war based on dichotomy and division between undergraduates and postgraduate students took place. The Student Body, under the leadership of the Director of Student Affairs (DSA), Dr Mrs Esther Viyon Odunlami and her assistant, Dr Raphael Olamide Oparinde ultimately, under the President, Prof. S. Ola Ayankeye  came together under one big umbrella. Sequel to this time, for a while; the executive leaders of MDiv, Bachelors and lower levels were different from those of Master of Arts, research masters and doctoral level studies. To God’s glory, on 17th April 2024; after the initial teething problems in the electoral process and some level of troubleshooting, the electoral committee was able to sigh with relief that their two weeks’ rigorous labour was not in vain. The amalgamation of the Student Body led to the election of a ten-person committee.

Explaining the history of the NBTS becoming a Post Graduate (PG) school since 2002; the President, Prof. Ayankeye explained how since then, Post graduate students should have been the crux of the student body and leadership of same. Thus, he made clear that  all the students belong to the amalgamated Student Body and he admonished all students to cooperate with the new leaders. The DSA, Dr Mrs Odunlami reinforced the fact that all students, regardless of their level of study belong to the new amalgamated student body. She recognized the outgoing officers of PG and Student Body as well as the selection committee (SELECO) led by Rev. Isaac Ayeye of PhD II Biblical Studies. Thereafter, the new officers were recognized.

Dr Mrs Yeside Odiase, the Deputy President Administration led the charge. Taking her text from Daniel 6:3; she admonished the new officers especially to have an exemplary spirit. She gave two words for each of the letters in the acronym ‘excellent spirit’ backed with relevant Bible passages. The words she used to describe how they should live and carry out their leadership role are below.

E – Exemplary Living; Excellence

X– Ray – Examine yourself; Xeniel – be welcoming

C – Commitment, Caring (care for the sheep)

E – Encouraging, Emotional intelligence

L – Loving, Large-hearted

L – Laudable (praise worthy); Loyalty

E – Energetic (Eph. 6: 10 -12); Enduring (2 Tim 2:3)

N – Nobility, Nurturing

T – Team spirit and Tolerance

S – Spiritual vibrancy (Luke 6:39); Servant Leadership – Matt. 20:27

P – Patience and Power (use power to build)

I – influence, Ingenious (be smart, have bold and clever ideas)

R– Relationship (good relationship with superiors, subordinates and everyone) and Responsibility.

I – Inspiring and Innovative.

T – Teachable and Trustworthy (accountable, trustworthy, dependable)

After the homily, the President, Prof. S. Ola Ayankeye prayed for the past leaders, the SELECO and all who had played a role in the election process. He also inaugurated the the 10-person leadership team who promised through their oath of leadership to uphold responsibilities, stay true to the Student Handbook, keep to their matriculation oath, not to tarnish the image of NBTS etc. President Ayankeye prayed for them and they signed the covenant of leadership.

The amalgamated Student body President, Rev Akusa Danlami Gajere (PhD I Christian Preaching) responded on behalf of the whole team – stating his recognition of various voices in the community. He promised to value and respect all differences because unity does not call for uniformity. He pledged loyalty to the NBTS President and called on all SEC to work together and all students to give their utmost cooperation.

The newly elected officers for 2024/and their current programmes are:

Student Body President – Rev. Akusa Danlami Gajere (PhD I Christian Preaching

Vice President – Pastor Ebenezer Oyeleru (MDiv II)

Secretary – Pastor Moses Oyelowo (MDiv II, Practical Theology)

Rel. Affairs Officer – Pastor Adesola Adeyemo (MDiv II, Biblical Studies)

Financial Secretary – Pastor Adeitan Adeyemi (MDiv II, Practical Theology)

Treasurer – Pastor Joseph Alaba (Degree III)

Social Director – Pastor Esther Omosegbe (MDiv II Age Grade Education)

Sports Director – Pastor Victor Oyelowo (MDiv I)

Benevolence Officer – Pastor Olugbenga Aborowa (MDiv II, Education)

Public Relations Officer – Pastor Lekan Philip Ogundare (MDiv I)

We pray that God will continue to minister to them and will use them to fulfill His purpose in Jesus’ name.

Olusola Ayo-Obiremi

for Advancement Office

May 6, 2024

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