Rev. Dr. Ezekiel Ajibade

The 2024 edition of the WTC Valentine/love enrichment program took place on Thursday, February 15, 2024, at the WTC premises under the theme “Working out sweet love through our finances”. The MCee of the occasion was Mrs Yemisi Obe.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement, joy, and pleasant surprises as revealed by the smiles on the faces of those present especially the students were surprised by the presence of their husbands. All the students and guests were welcome in love by the WTC supervisor, Dr. Olukemi Adejuwon.

The program proceeded with some thoughts on Valentine shared by Rev. Ruth Okunade, she reminded us that God is love and He expects us as his children to love one another. She further emphasized the necessity of making out time to have fun and express love in a special way with our loved ones especially our spouses not allowing ourselves to be carried away by the busy nature of life.

The theme interpretation was done by the guest speakers, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Eziekiel Olajoke Ajibade. Dr. Ezekiel began by noting the fact that love cannot be sweet if there are no finances and proceeded by drawing inspiration from the book of Genesis 2:18-25, he mentioned three Biblical foundations for family finances namely; work and wages are approved by God, the man is the head and breadwinner of the home and God is interested in the joint ownership between the man and his wife. He further expatiated that the man is expected by God to work and earn wages from which he will eat, therefore, the couple must work in other to bring money home. Furthermore, the oneness of the couple is to make them jointly prosper because every couple is a combination of two great destinies.

Pst Mrs. Olajoke Ajibade in bringing out some practical applications began by underlining the fact that the only possessive pronoun to be used in marriage should be ‘my husband’ or ‘my wife’ apart from that everything the wife owns belongs to her husband and vice versa. She encouraged couples to work and invest in businesses ensuring that their assets are more than liabilities, to save at least 20 percent of their income, pay tithes and recognize God’s timing, write a will immediately after they have a property, and enjoy the fruits of her labor.

She also added that couples should complement one another and not oppress each other thus, the load of the family burden should not be on the husband alone but the wives should upgrade themselves and avoid being liabilities to their families. Also, children should not be consumers only but should be empowered to also contribute to family finances.

Dr. Ajibade wrapped up in conclusion by adding that, couples should check their spending by drawing family budgets and when they run a family business, each member of the family should be placed on salary so that the business can prosper. He ended by praying that God would grant us the grace and wisdom needed to properly mobilize for and manage family finances for sweet love to be enjoyed in their homes.

After the message, the WTC students’ husbands presented surprise gifts to their wives and they were overjoyed and appreciated them with hugs, kisses and words of gratitude. Dr. Ruth Oyeniyi, the Dean of the Faculty of Education then prayed that sweet love will reign in the homes of all those present. The guest speakers were crowned as the model couple of the year and were led to cut the Valentine’s Day cake which was dedicated to them, photographs were taken and the men excused themselves to go back to their classes.

At this point, the program took a new turn and the atmosphere was characterized by screaming, laughter, singing, dancing and great fun as Dr. Ruth Oyeniyi launched the revealing of Val’s session during which gifts were exchanged between students.
The program ended with a vote of thanks from Mrs. Taiwo Adebanji who was the chairman of the planning committee, singing of hymn was led by Mrs. Tobi Okewole and Closing prayer and Benediction followed by Mrs. Olajoke Ajibade. It was a very successful program as refreshments were served and everyone was happy and satisfied.

Written by Mrs Sayoh Doreen Nfor.


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February 26, 2024

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