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The NBTS chaplaincy promotes the donation of blood to blood banks bi-annually within the NBTS community. The first one for this year was held on the 29th of March 2023, well ahead of the 2023 world blood donor day which is the 14th of June of every year, as the regular student will be on vacation by then. A health talk was given that day on the topic: “The Need for Spousal Support in Maternity Care: The Role of The Clergy” It was delivered by Dr. Olumuyiwa A. Ogunlaja, the deputy medical director at the Bowen University Teaching Hospital and a consultant gynecologist. Dr. Ogunlaja highlighted the importance of spousal support in maternity care, the significance of the clergy in promoting the support, and the benefits of donating blood which includes serving as an opportunity to diagnose some diseases in the donor as well as saving the life of the recipient. The floor was open for questions and answers. After the talk, the Bowen University Teaching Hospital Blood Drive team attended to those members of the community that volunteered to donate blood.


April 26, 2023

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